3D Modeling

The 3D modeling industry is rapidly expanding due to the advancement of spatial information.

GeoModeler is a powerful, cost-effective tool that enables the creation 
of highly realistic and highly accurate scenes.

GeoModeler is a realistic 3D urban modeling system using high-resolution aerial images.

The utilization of these 3D models includes:

  •  Urban planning
  •  Architecture and engineering
  •  Emergency response
GeoModeler provides user-friendly GUI, 3D viewer, and various modeling functions. Detailed Features include:

  • High precision photo realistic 3D urban modeling
  • Automatic texture mapping and texture editing function
  • Complex building modeling function
  • EO import function (Direct georeferencing)
  • Various export formats supported (3DS, DXF, DAE, OBJ, KMZ, KML, SHP)
  • Digital mapping data import function
  • Automatic image search function of working range
  • Oblique imagery (Pictometry, Penta-DigiCAM) available

For information about GeoModeler or to request pricing please contact info@boodmoe.com


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