Rio de Janeiro 3D model completed!

Rio de Janeiro 3D Model


In the end of 2015 we finally ended the biggest 3D project during last year – 1 300 of Rio de Janeiro city, Brazil.
Rio de Janeiro is one of the most visited cities in the Southern Hemisphere, is the second-largest city in Brazil, the sixth-largest city in the Americas, and the world’s thirty-ninth largest city by population.

Our 3D model of Rio covers built-up city area and main suburbs, low populated areas, mountains and wooden areas.
The set of 11 high resolution stereo pairs of satellite images has been used for model production.

The delivered package includes:
• Digital Terrain Model ;
• Land Use Map (Clutter Model) (24 clutter classes);
• Building Heights Model ;
• Vector Data (11 linear classes) ;
• Text labels (Names of cities, railway stations, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, canals, seas).

The Parameters of accuracy
• Resolution (cell size): 2 m
• Absolute Planimetric Accuracy: 5 m
• Absolute Altimentric Accuracy: 2-3 m

Clutter classes were prepared by Improved Cutter Model technology. It includes more detailed clutter classification of urbanized built-up areas and open districts. We have added 8 advanced or new classes of objects that resulted in considerably increased precision and accuracy of classification.

The advanced and additional clutter classes are:
• Forests and Parks
• Bush
• Grass
• Stone Lands
• Sands
• Open Wet areas
• Salted lands

Additional information is available upon request.

Data samples can be provided in any RF-planning tool format during 1-2 days

Photo Quality 3D Texture Maps Now Available

boodmoe and its’ partner company VISICOM produce photo quality 3D Texture Digital Maps for a variety of emerging customer applications.

These 3D Texture Digital Maps are produced from up-to-date stereo satellite imagery and side photographs of objects. The use of proprietary production techniques results in high-resolution photo quality textured digital maps with architectural elements of buildings, sophisticated engineering constructions, vegetation, water bodies and other elements.

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