PHOTOMOD – a complete solution for highly precise automatic processing of aerial, pushbroom and SAR satellite images to produce high quality maps, orthophotos, digital terrain and 3D models.

PHOTOMOD modules

PHOTOMOD is a modular system. This allows users to obtain maximum benefit from its high level of flexibility. Each module performs specific operations during a certain stage of data processing. To build the most efficient configuration you can buy only the modules you need for your particular data processing scheme. User interface of each module is optimized for specific module functionality. Common interface elements remain uniform throughout the whole system.

All modules are highly integrated through the project data sharing. Each module has a unique place in the overall workflow, making it possible to construct consistent project processing sequences. The fundamental concept of PHOTOMOD is to organize project work as a series of well-defined steps, such as data preparation, block adjustment, processing, and provide the support of a flexible set of tools at every stage.

The PHOTOMOD system includes its main operating shell, PHOTOMOD Core, and 8 other modules:

  • PHOTOMOD Core — project creation and management, initial data input, block-wide operations
  • PHOTOMOD AT — aerial triangulation measurements
  • PHOTOMOD SolverA — block adjustment for central projection images
  • PHOTOMOD SolverS — block adjustment for satellite scanner images
  • PHOTOMOD DTM — DTM creation
  • PHOTOMOD dDSM — pixel-wise DSM creation
  • PHOTOMOD StereoDraw — 3D feature extraction in stereo-mode and 3D modeling
  • PHOTOMOD Mosaic — orthomosaicking
  • GIS Panorama 2011 Mini — digital map creation

Additionally, the PHOTOMOD system includes a set of utilities to manage resource system and data distribution, raster image conversion and more.

Examples of optimal system production configuration:

PHOTOMOD’s architecture allows to configure optimal set for your needs: standalone desktop version or highly productivity distributed network environment for industry tasks solving.

For more information about PHOTOMOD, or to request a quote please contact

For information about the free version of PHOTOMOD for test and evaluation and for small projects, please visit PHOTOMOD Lite.

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