2.5D Models for RF Planning

2.5D Models for RF Planning

2.5D Models are combination of 2D Urban models and an additional layer CLUTTER HEIGHTS – clutter classes with an average height attribute.

The AVERAGE HEIGHT ATTRIBUTE is defined for each clutter class separately as a fixed value, which applies for the whole clutter class. Average heights are specified individually for each projectdepending on territory features 2.5D Models are ideally suited for small-cell planning outside the dense urban areas of most cities.

2.5D Urban models layers:

  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
  • Clutter/Land Use Model (18-20 classes )
  • Clutter Heights Model
  • Vector Model (8 classes)
  • Text labels (names of settlements, rivers, railways etc.)
  • Orthoimagery -Optionally
  • POPULATION DATA -Optionally

2.5D Models can be integrated with 2D Urban and 3D City Models and delivered in any RF planning tools and GIS format

Available options:


Resolution 5/10 m
Altimetric accuracy in DTM 3-5 m depending on data source and relief
Planimetric accuracy 5-7-10 m depending on data source

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