3D Maps

3D Maps

We provide a complete representation of client’s real world, bringing together all relevant aspects of 3D environment.
LOD1 – basic: un-textured 3D Models without roofs details, only buildings frameworks are presented
LOD2 – standard: buildings are processed to make accurate roofs and architectural details
LOD3 – improved: LOD2 3D Model with textures based on photos and standard textures library
LOD4 – advanced: textures of buildings with complex architecture are produced individually for each building. The elements of drawing will be added to textures of complex buildings.


  • Environmental management and modeling
  • Urban planning
  • Planning of utilities networks
  • Territorial marketing
  • Tourism
  • Web applications
  • Virtual games
  • Disaster planning and management
  • Wireless networks planning

GEODATA Formats: 3DS, COLLADA, ESRI ArcGIS Multipatch, OBJ, FBX… (link to Geodata Formats)


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