3D Models for RF Planning

3D Model for RF Planning

3D MODELS are extra-accurate high-resolution databases for 3G/4G/LTE/LPWAN/IoT networks planning in densely built-up areas.

3D Models provide precise Digital Terrain Model and above-ground features such as buildings, vegetation and engineering constructions.

Communication’s quality and additional services range, cost reduction and the possibility of rapid project implementation directly depends on the quality of the initial planning. This network optimization can only be achieved by using accurate 3D models.

3D models layers:

3D Models Data Set:

Additional layers may be included as well:

3D models are compatible with all types of wave propagation models and can be delivered in any RF planning tools and GIS format

Available options

Parameters Resolution Altimetric accuracy in DTM (Z) Buildings Heights accuracy (H) Planimetric accuracy (X,Y)
Stereo 3D Model 1 m or 2 m 1-3 m 1-3 m 3-5 m
Basic 3D Model 5 m 3-5 m 5 m 3-5 m

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