Population Maps

Population Maps

POPULATION MAPS (Population Distribution Model) isvitalsource data for network deploying, planning, and dimensioning:

  • To assess the market potential and priorities for new deployments
  • To define strategic customers coverage or critical areas
  • For densification of the network
  • To demonstrate spectrum conditions have been achieved via population coverage
  • For capacity simulations for the planned network infrastructure
  • To determine network priorities
  • To build a nominal infrastructure budget

Population maps are delivered in the same resolution as your project. It enables to process values of population distribution with level of details from countrywide areas to separate cities:

  • Countrywide: 20 m and 30 m resolution
  • Province/district: 10 m and 20 m resolution
  • City/suburbs: 2 m and 5 m resolution

Source data: Land Use Model (Clutter) – Administrative division- Population Census Data

Population Maps can be delivered separately or as part of other mapping products: Regional Models, 2D, 2.5D and 3D Models in any RF planning tools and GIS format

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