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Digital Maps for RF Network Planning

boodmoe LLC is focused on providing premier data services and digital map products for network planning to the telecom community.

We work in close collaboration with our partner company VISICOM – a worldwide manufacturer of digital mapping products – to deliver geodata produced specifically for planning and optimizing wireless networks providing accurate representation of the real-world environment.

Products Overview

Geodata products for 5G planning

Geodata products for 5G planning

We have long-time relationships with mobile operators and major players of telecom markets and know well their changing requirements during the telecom industry development. That’s why we can propose to our clients the best mapping solutions for 5G rollout. We offer digital maps fitted to 3D predictions including detailed 3D building and 3D trees layers with high accuracy parameters needed for mmWave spectrum.

Supporting of all RF-tool formats and propagation models

Supporting of all RF-tool formats and propagation models

Our geodata are developed in any RF-tool formats responding to our clients project needs: Teoco Asset, Atoll Forsk, CelPlanner, Ranplan Professional etc. We ensure the compatibility of our digital maps with any propagation models and supporting of any raytracing models. Be assured that any format is possible and delivered data will fit to your project requirements.

A worldwide archive of ready-to-use maps

A worldwide archive of ready-to-use maps

Our geodata portfolio allows you to start your urgent project immediately. The archive of ready-to-use digital models contains 3D city maps, 2D and 2.5D maps for urban and regional planning around the world. Even if the maps meeting your project demands are not off-the-shelf now, we always propose you rapid production, free data for testing or pilot and optimal pricing.

Key Benefits

Wide range of models

2D and 2.5D models for Urban and Regional Planning, High-resolution 3D models for cities, PopMaps and supporting Geodata over the world

Products tailored for 5G rollout

Detailed and precise 3D building and 3D trees layers for urbanized territory tailored for 5G networks design in mmWave spectrum

Compatibility with RF-tools

Map datasets are compatible with all RF-planning tools and propagation models

Warranty and support

24 months warranty and 24x7 technical support on each stage of the customer’s project

Long-years’ experience

Collaboration with major global telecom companies 2500+ realized 3D projects in 85+ countries

Flexible price policy

Best prices meeting to customer’s budget

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