We focus on Digital Mapping Products development for the wireless telecommunication industry.

Starting with the implementation of the 2G networks and further deployment 3G, 4G and 5G ones, we support our customers by providing them with highly accurate geospatial data.

Our geodata products, tailored to the needs of the telecom market, enable you to achieve accurate results along with network planning and optimization.

Our long-time relationships with planning tools vendors and the most significant telecom market players allow us to meet our customer’s requirements whenever they operate.

We have a rapidly growing archive of “Off the shelf” data delivered immediately for urgent project implementation.

Delivered geodata

Smart Cities

5G ensures making networks several times faster, increasing network capacity, and opening possibilities to cover not only dense built-up territories in cities but also suburbs and villages.

It is going to really unlock the potential of IoT and Smart city development, connecting all people and all things in our ordinary life: transport, energetics, healthcare, manufacturing, business, public safety, etc.

3D Maps is the first step and a basis for smart community construction.

We are experienced in generating 3D buildings at different levels of detail (LOD) along with 3D vegetation and other geodata about the urban environment.

Our 3D Maps create a real-world view for different tasks of smart community development.

3D Maps are delivered in a format compatible with the most 3D application tools like Rhino, ArcGIS and CAD. All major GIS formats are supported.

Geodata we supply is intended for