The project encompassed the delivery of detailed transportation networks, hydrography data, and extensive 3D Building data to support the effective planning and deployment of RF- services.

Project Components for the United Arab Emirates:

  • Transportation Networks data
  • Address Points Data: House Numbers, Building Names, Micro Districts Polygons
  • Hydrography Data
  • 2,500,000 3D Buildings


We have utilized advanced machine learning and deep learning techniques to achieve high accuracy and production speed, establishing a robust foundation for future technology, infrastructure development, and environmental initiatives.

This large-scale project for the United Arab Emirates demonstrates the critical importance of comprehensive and detailed data sets in enhancing RF infrastructure. Delivering digital data of transportation networks, micro-districts, hydrography, and 3D building data provides a solid foundation for future infrastructure investments and urban development projects.

The granular level of detail is essential for understanding the demographic and spatial distribution of areas within the UAE, allowing for tailored RF planning and targeted service provision.

Comprehensive hydrography data is vital for RF planning, as water bodies can affect signal propagation. Understanding their locations helps optimize network design to ensure reliable connectivity.

3D models are critical for RF planning as they provide detailed insights into the urban landscape, enabling precise simulation of signal propagation and identification of potential obstructions.

Our company specializes in delivering comprehensive data solutions of any volume and in any format to meet your unique needs. Each geodata layer is essential for creating detailed and accurate maps for country- and city-specific projects, ensuring comprehensive geospatial data coverage.

Free test data in Atoll, Planet or any other format can be provided upon request.