2.5D Models

2.5D Models – budget solution for 5G planning in towns, villages and suburbs

2.5D Models are developed as budget solution for 5G planning within large territories – metro areas, regions or entire country.

2.5D Models are developed for metropolitan areas where both man-made structures and vegetation impact wave propagation. It provides customers with almost the same data accuracy as 3D models together with cheaper prices due to using medium-resolution stereo images as sources. 2.5D maps include Digital Terrain Model (DTM), Clutter Model, and Basic Vectors like street/road networks. The additional layer CLUTTER HEIGHTS contains the height attribute of each clutter class in the matrix representation. 2.5D Models are usually produced in 5m resolution rarely – 10m resolution.

We also offer 2.5D solutions for the entire coverage of populous countries.

Our 2.5D geodata can be delivered in any RF planning tools format – Atoll, Planet, Asset, ISC Telecom etc.

Key Benefits

Wide range of models

2D and 2.5D models for Urban and Regional Planning, High-resolution 3D models for cities, PopMaps and supporting Geodata over the world

Products tailored for 5G rollout

Detailed and precise 3D building and 3D trees layers for urbanized territory tailored for 5G networks design in mmWave spectrum

Compatibility with RF-tools

Map datasets are compatible with all RF-planning tools and propagation models

Warranty and support

24 months warranty and 24x7 technical support on each stage of the customer’s project

Long-years’ experience

Collaboration with major global telecom companies 2500+ realized 3D projects in 85+ countries

Flexible price policy

Best prices meeting to customer’s budget

Delivered Layers

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