2D model of Indonesia is now available

This 2D Regional model is a medium-to-low-resolution database designed for large-area RF planning. It’s the ideal solution in initial network planning and network planning in rural areas.

The 2D Regional RF map of Indonesia covers 1,920,000 km2. We have used recent vintage imagery Sentinel of 10 m resolution to create 20 m resolution geodata. SRTM/ASTER DEM data and available topomaps were processed for DTM/DSM production. Clutter/Land Use/Land Cover are classified into different classes: classes of built-up areas, water classes, classes of landscape and vegetation. Land Use map was produced from multispectral satellite imagery by method of automatic classification with subsequent manual photo-interpretation and modification.

This 2D Regional model allows to quickly visualize terrain and clutter over large areas or entire countries. It consists of the following integrated layers: digital terrain model (DTM), clutter, linear vectors, orthoimage.

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