2D Urban project for Chile

5m resolution 2D Models of Chile cities

We continue to cooperate with telecom companies in Latin America, producing 2D and 3D mapping products and delivering high-quality Geodata.

One of our recent projects – 2D city maps for 58 cities of Chile. 5m resolution 2D Urban models cover more than 5000 2D Geodata contains extended clutter classification and building shapes that provide accurate city structure in cities with not very complicated built-up environments and give good results for accurate and efficient network planning.

2D Urban Models can be easily integrated into Regional Models to improve their accuracy or upgraded to 2.5D Models to provide more information about the heights of different built-up classes.

The project was developed for usage in Atoll Forsk RF tool but Geodata can be delivered in any other format of customer choice and incorporated into their existing workflows.

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