3D City Model Of Montreal, Canada For 5G Network Planning

3D model of Montreal is high-quality 3D geodata for Montreal city center, covering about 50 sq,km.

  • Model resolution: 2 m
  • Data accuracy: 2-3 m
  • 3D Model of canopies is included
  • Buildings detailing: LOD 2

5G means better network architecture that requires high-resolution geospatial 3D data with a spatial resolution of 1×1 or 2×2 meters with detailed representation of all obstacles including building small details and precise 3D vegetation. Access to accurate 3D dataset allows to realize the benefits of new generation networks in terms of data volume/traffic transmission.
3D model contains:
• Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
• Digital Surface Model (DSM)
• 3D Obstacles: building and vegetation
• Land Use Model
• Vector data: Road networks, water bodies, coastline
• Addresses database

Send us your request for information or data sample – any RF tool format is available.