3D Digital Maps for cities of Germany

We are glad to support all telecom and GIS companies in Germany providing them with accurate 3D city maps.

All models are performed at high-quality level with attention to finite detail of building, terrain, transportation network, etc. This produces 3D models that cover more than 100 large cities including:

  • Berlin – 1 100
  • Cologne – 650
  • Frankfurt – 300
  • Hamburg – 800
  • Jenna – 100
  • Leipzig – 400
  • Montabaur – 100
  • Munich – 700
  • Rosenheim -50

The 3D maps are designed for seamless integration with a range of software platforms, making it easy for telecom companies and smart city planners to incorporate the maps into existing workflows. The maps can be used for a range of applications, from designing wireless networks to assessing the feasibility of new smart city projects.The data sample can be provided free of charge. Any RF – tool formats are available.