3D Geodata for Canadian cities

Design your wireless network in any location in Canada with our 3D maps

Recently we have completed a large and comprehensive 3D project, which encompasses 14 Canadian cities.

It was produced for massive MIMO mm-wave network planning (5G) and advanced 3D simulation in urban environment.

Canadian Cities in 3D now:

  • 3D City Model of Toronto covers 114
  • 3D City Model of Ottawa – 84
  • 3D City Model of Edmonton – 76
  • 3D City Model of Vancouver – 221

Also available are 3D models of 2m resolution with precise 3D trees for Halifax, Moncton, Saint John, Fredericton, Summerside, Charlottetown, St John’s and Sackville cities.

The project includes 3D vegetation, 3D building vectors, 3D obstacles (bridges, chimneys, etc.), Road network, Digital Terrain Model (DTM), Digital Surface Model (DSM), Clutter/ Land Use classification.

Due to the high sensitivity of mmWaves from all obstacles, a successful propagation signal setup requires very accurate and detailed obstruction representation including building construction small details and precise 3D canopy. Our 3D maps provide a comprehensive solution for RF network planning, analysis and operation in multiple industries like Smart City planning, Transportation, Geotargeting etc.

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