Singapore 3D maps for 5G planning

Full country coverage by 3D Geodata

The project includes full coverage of 3D vegetation, 3D building vectors, 3D obstacles (bridges, chimneys, etc.), Road network, Digital Terrain Model (DTM), Digital Surface Model (DSM), Clutter/ Land Use classification.

Due to the high sensitivity of mmWaves from all obstacles, a successful propagation signal setup requires very accurate and detailed obstruction representation including building construction small details and precise 3D canopy.

Our 3D maps of Singapore provide an unprecedented level of accuracy, with the building vectors and DTM data allowing for accurate and efficient network planning. The detailed information on building heights and location enables telecom companies to design optimal wireless networks and develop coverage maps with increased accuracy. The DTM data provides precise elevation information for designing radio frequency links and identifying optimal antenna placements.

The data can be implemented also for vertical markets like Smart City planning, Transportation, Geomarketing etc.

The data samples are available for free upon request in any RF or GIS formats.