Our recent telecommunications project in Malaysia was focused on creating digital cartography to facilitate 5G network development across the country. The detailed 2D map for regional planning with a 10-meter resolution covers the entire country’s territory of 330,000 square kilometers.

The regional model includes a Digital Terrain Model (DTM), Clutter Model, and Vector Layers of transportation network, water bodies, and administrative boundaries derived from processing Sentinel satellite data and imagery with a resolution of 2-5m for cities and built-up areas as of 2023.

Utilizing cutting-edge machine learning methods to satellite image processing, we obtained a Clutter Model with precise classification of land use and building types, consisting of 21 classes. The vector map layers include four levels of administrative division borders in West Malaysia and five in East Malaysia. An additional and crucial layer for RF planning is the Population Distribution Model, created based on the latest census data and projections for 2023.

The Night Population Map of Malaysia, a stationary model, depicts residential population densities. It integrates a Clutter Model and empirically sourced coefficients that allocate population density proportions across different categories, calculated by building types, the extent of built-up areas per cell, and population density coefficients for each administrative zone.

We are also expanding the ability to create 3D maps of Malaysian cities at 1m, 2m or 5m resolutions that detail building structures and vegetation, suitable for mmWave 5G network planning. Alternatively, cost-effective 2.5D maps provide a balanced compromise of accessibility and accuracy for suburban and densely populated areas.

Compatible with various planning tools, our range of cartographic products includes Atoll, Planet Asset, and others. We encourage clients to request samples of models for assessment.

Using advanced machine learning and Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) technologies, our geodata services help global companies conduct geospatial analysis, leveraging precise maps that accurately depict topography, vegetation, and buildings for a wide array of terrains and projects.

More detailed information about project for Malaysia is available for download here.